Add sliced cheese excitement in classic burgers and sandwiches with... New Sargento Originals!

Build excitement into classic burgers and sandwiches with... Sargento Originals

Keeping customers happy can be a challenge. On one hand, they crave the comfort and classic appeal of traditional menu favorites. On the other, they're always on the lookout for the next big taste – something exciting and unexpected on the menu.

That's where Sargento Originals come in. They satisfy on all fronts by putting a flavorful, unexpected twist on classic American burgers and sandwiches.

We're mindful of your operation

At Sargento, a slice is much more than a piece of cheese. With our dedication to culinary creativity, it's an ongoing opportunity for product innovations that reinvent your menu and delight your customers. All of our slices are designed for easy handling and optimal melt characteristics.

Every step of the way, we're mindful of your operational demands, so integrating Sargento Originals into your builds is as seamless as it is delicious. Our leading-edge technologies in slicing, forming, blending, and packaging ensure that you stay on budget just as much as you stay on trend.

Count on Sargento for LTO flexibility and no
"Double Handling" – guaranteed!

When you serve a slice of Sargento natural cheese, you can rest assured it's passed through no hands other than ours. Some companies use secondary sources to slice their cheese – "Double Handling" that inherently puts food safety at risk. And by leaving all of our slicing to our in-house slicing experts, you're guaranteed not just safer products, but the responsive flexibility you need for successful LTOs. Count on Sargento to be your perfect cheese slice partner.

Add a new dimension to your slice – and to your menu

Traditional slices are transformed with bold, new flavors that make it easy to put a whole new set of sandwich options on your menu.

Processed Specialty Sliced Cheeses.
Parmesan Style

Parmesan is accented with Asiago to deliver classic Italian hard cheese flavor, but with enough moisture to deliver unprecedented slice integrity and melt worthy characteristics.

Processed Specialty Shredded Cheeses and Blends.
Black Peppercorn Cheddar

Tellicherry black peppercorns are left on the vine longer so they develop a deep, rich flavor. It's that richness that transforms our hearty cheddar into a spicy, smoky slice that's unlike any other.

Processed Specialty Sliced Cheeses.
Chipotle Havarti

Chipotle peppers (smoked, dried jalapenos) impart a more mellow, smoky, heat than Habaneros for a slightly sweet and spicy slice.

Habanero Havarti

When fiery habaneros are combined with cool and creamy Havarti, you get a balanced flavor profile with just enough heat to appeal to both pepper lovers and people with slightly tamer tastes.

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