5 Top Cheeses for LTO’s

Our entire operation is designed around the quality and performance challenges you face every day. Whether it is the next burger, sandwich or pasta build, our team of cheese, culinary and LTO experts are ready to recommend multiple ways to set your menu apart. Click below to see the 5 Top Cheeses for LTO’s or download our white paper.

5 Top Cheeses for LTO’s

  • A New Cut On Parmesan

    A New Cut On Parmesan

    - the salad favorite is now making its way onto sandwiches in new sliced parmesan style formats. It’s the next Asiago, in a more familiar, consumer friendly form.
  • Bring the Heat

    Bring the Heat

    - (with Hot Peppers, Black Pepper, Buffalo and Horseradish cheeses) - Millenials crave over-the-top heat. Up until now, it has been difficult to taste that heat in a burger or hot sandwich build. Now with new extreme heat cheeses paired with sizzlin’ condiments.
  • Specialty Cheese in Familiar Forms

    Specialty Cheese in Familiar Forms

    - Brie, Goat, Blue - the culinary television influence on education consumer palates is best illustrated by the growing popularity of speciality cheese. Now with technology, these cheeses are available in convenient sliceable or portion pack formats.
  • Cheese Mash ups

    Cheese Mash ups

    - layering more than one cheese in new and interesting combinations delivers new and one-of-a-kind builds that consumers crave. Here, 1+1= 3. Consider: Black Peppercorn Cheddar + Swiss + Brie.

Let Us be your LTO Partner

When it comes to flawless execution of Limited Time Offers, let Sargento be your partner in meaningful ways that contribute to you success. Download our LTO brochure to learn even more.

Culinary Creativity and Cheese Expertise

Culinary Creativity

Superior suppliers deliver more than products - they also bring the culinary creativity to strengthen menus. We have the culinary resources to transform concepts into menu-ready LTO’s that are on trend and on time.

Culinary Creativity and Cheese Expertise

Menu Insights

When building a strong LTO calendar, we have relevant insights on consumer flavor preferences, optimal ingredient combinations, and new menu opportunities. We have the ability to menu mine to identify what’s trending to build a stronger business case.

Culinary Creativity and Cheese Expertise

Fast Sample Turnaround

Time can’t be wasted when developng the next great LTO. They need to be right, and they need to be fast. Our custom development R&D process demands the fastest possible turnaround of quality samples.

Flexibility to Test

Regional testing is a valuable tool in minimizing LTO risk. But small batches for limited tests can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. We are dedicated to making small batch runs effortless, economical, and fast.

Culinary Creativity and Cheese Expertise

Inventory Intelligence

Despite everyone’s best efforts, demand often exceeds collaborative forecast projections. We have systems in place to respond quickly whenever an unexpected spike occurs in LTO sales. We anticipate inventory needs throughout the life of the LTO, safeguarding adequate stock levels to minimize excess inventory when the LTO is over.