Millennials and Generation Z are changing the game in the restaurant world. Development appetizers that they are looking for can give you a competitive edge. Operators who don't understand and react to the macro trends fueling successful menu innovation will get left behind. Restaurants must adapt, changing their menus to appeal to these giant demographics.

Consumer dining preferences have evolved—we're tracking that evolution and sharing our data-driven menu insights with you.

This sea change in dining preferences is both exciting and daunting. Menu developers who innovate will reap the rewards. Millennials and Gen Z—armed with a huge purchasing power and a strong value set that dictates where they spend their dining dollars—are driving the changes here, demanding bold flavor combinations, flexibility, customization and shareability. Because of the way they dine out, the appetizer category is more significant to menu success than ever before. This Webinar shares ideas on how to be successful with these diners. We’ve done deep research here—studying 50-plus forward-thinking concepts. We’ve also tapped industry experts, including Chef Nathan Sears, owner of The Radler in Chicago. He’ll share how he successfully entices the Millennial crowd. Also, Chef Ulrich Koberstein, Sargento Culinary Director, will offer on-trend and cheese-focused appetizer ideas.

The appetizer category is bigger than ever: Datassential clocks its four-year growth at 8 percent. With bar bites, shareables, small plates and all-day snacks now huddling under the same appetizer menu umbrella, creative, strategic and flavor-forward innovation is critical.

In fact, this part of the menu is now probably the largest money maker for operators. Let us help you fire up your appetizer category with the development of new concepts—many of which haven’t been seen on the market before.


Find out how to entice Millennials and Gen Z

In this invitation-only Webinar, Sargento will help you make strategic menu adjustments targeted at the flavor preferences of Millennials and Gen Z. Insights and advice from industry experts will help you understand why it's so important to change up your game plan. Our team invests a lot of time tracking, studying and analyzing menu opportunities for our customers. Join us so we can share them with you!

What will the Webinar cover?

5 Key Takeaways

  1. Get hold of the conclusive results from the 50-plus concepts we tested with takeaways inspired by leading restaurant innovators
  2. Pick up actionable ideas that you can apply to menu development targeted at Millennials and Gen Z
  3. Acquire menu trends that can drive sales and entice Millennials and Gen Z
  4. Score firsthand experience from independent restaurant owner Nathan Sears on successfully appealing to Millennials and Gen Z
  5. Capture the hot menu cues aimed at reeling in Millennials and Gen Z

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