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Partners in Your Success

The best products are only the start.

You expect the finest natural cheeses from Sargento. After all, it is our passion for quality cheese that's been the foundation of our success from the very beginning. It's what we're known for.

But we believe service is just as important. Consistent, innovative and proactive attention to our customers' needs is vital to ensuring our mutual success. It's built into everything we do and unparalleled by anyone else in the industry.

At Sargento, we're driven by a pass ion for quality and a dedication to your success.

Our talented and hardworking food service team has a proven record of bringing customers the expertise, ideas, insights, innovations and buying power that move their businesses forward. And we're here to support you, whatever the challenge may be.

Partners in Your Success.

Good service has many facets. Of course it's a big part of sales and customer relations, but it's also integrated throughout our production process. Service is an essential part of our manufacturing model.


Whether you want to try a stock sample or a custom product that's been developed especially for you, you can count on a quick turnaround and a great product.

Custom Cheese Solutions

We know how important it is for you to evolve your menu and stand out from the crowd, and our culinary professionals are on hand to help you do precisely that.

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Inspiration for Your Menu!

Culinary Services

We have a deep understanding of the needs of national chains. Our culinary team is on a mission to help you at any level – from regional LTOs to national rollouts.

  • Four seasoned R&D chefs and 50+ dedicated R&D specialists
  • Culinary council support
  • Proactive ideation and problem solving

Consumer Insights

During our 30 years in food service, we've been able to integrate our product expertise with valuable consumer insights and trends. Look to us to give you current, accurate and actionable information.

Inspiration for Your Business

Doing Our Homework

We research your pantry. We eat in your restaurants. We may even work at your restaurants! We learn as much as possible about your business in order to create ideal solutions for your menu.

Seasoned Sales Team

Our experienced sales people bring you the latest product innovation. Our goal is to help you stay on top of trends and opportunities to maximize the performance of your menu.

Natural Cheese Expertise

We're known for our 100% natural cheese. It's a reputation we've earned through hard work and an abiding passion for quality. Our expert team of buyers, cheese makers and graders understand the various properties of cheese and ensure that our always meets the highest standards.

Make Your Job Easier

Streamlining LTOs

Flexibility, tight management and seamless service allow us to take the headaches out of LTOs.

Customized For You

"Custom" ranks alongside Natural as a byword at Sargento. We can create custom appetizers that are perfect for your restaurants, and we can bring you custom slices and blends that others simply can't.

A Name You Trust

The Sargento brand stands for a love of cheese and a heritage of quality. Our passion shows in everything we sell. Even when it's not printed on the box, it's always in the product.

Buying & Grading

Our buying power - along with our cheese expertise- lets us precisely source the absolute best solutions for you and your customers

Rigorous Onboarding

Our graders inspect every delivery that comes to our door- and not all cheese makes it through. Our suppliers are required to meet our stringent standards, or we sent it back.

Count on Sargento

Our systems and our people work every day to bring you the highest levels of service and quality- all while delivering a fill rate of over 99%. Count on us to exceed your expectations in helping your business innovate, compete and prosper.

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